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Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe

Cincom D25

• It incorporates the B axis function on the structure with the double gang tool post, delivering both combined machining performance and high productivity.
• Maximum of 59 tools can now be mounted on the machine structure with the double gang tool post, enabling simultaneous machining and reducing the non-cutting time to achieve more productivity.
• It can hold more tools, and comes standard with superior motors, as well as functions such as switching between GB and GBL machining.

Machine Specifications

Model D25VII D25VIII
 Maximum machining diameter ø25mm
 Maximum machining length Guide-bushing 250mm
Guide-bushing-less 2.5D
 Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle ø12mm
 Maximum front tapping diameter (Cut tap) M10
 Spindle speed Max.10,000min-1
 Maximum drilling diameter for rotary tool ø10mm
 Maximum tapping diameter for gang rotary tool (Cut tap) M8
 Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool Max.9,000min-1
 Maximum chuck diameter of back spindle ø25mm
 Maximum protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece 50mm
 Maximum drilling diameter in back machining process ø12mm
 Maximum tapping diameter in back machining process M10
 Back spindle speed Max.10,000min-1
 Number of tools to be mounted 59 43
 Tool size Turning tool □16mm/□19mm
Sleeve ø25.4mm
 Rapid feed rate Z2 axis 24m/min
Axes other than the above 32m/min
 Motors For spindle drive 3.7/5.5kW
For tool spindle drive 2.2kW
For back spindle drive 2.2/3.7kW
For driving rotary tools on the back tool post 1.0kW
 Input power capacity 13.2kVA
 Center height 1,050mm
 Weight 3,450kg


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