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Multi Station Machining Cell


By integrating three single-axis lathes into a single machine unit, it realizes ultra-high productivity that exceeds the limits of productivity achievable by conventional automatic lathes

By combining three machining modules in a multi-station configuration, the MC20 will support a variety of machining layouts to enable ultra-high productivity levels. Machining processes can also be optimised through the Cincom dynamic control software that supports highly flexible operations thus making 'Ko No Ryosan' (mass customization) a reality. Expanded clearance between two modules helps improve working efficiency during tooling.

• Production line relocation is accomplished by moving a single machine unit, and production line setup changes are achieved by changing the setup on a single machine.
• By combining various types of modules not restricted those for turning operations, it evolves further with versatile functionality.

Machine Specifications


 Number of mounted modules 3
 Chuck size 4-inch chuck
 Maximum diameter for Workpiece through hole ø20mm
 Workpiece maximum length 70mm
 Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle ø7mm
 Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle(Cutting tap) M6
 Spindle speed Max8,000min-1
 Gang tool rotary tool maximum drilling diameter ø5mm
 Gang tool rotary tool maximum tapping diameter(Cutting tap) M5
 Number of tools to be mounted in standard machining specification 5 per 1 module
 Number of tools to be mounted in standard machining specification(turning tool) 2
 Number of tools to be mounted in standard machining specification(Cross drilling) 3
 Cutting, cross, and end surface machining specifications 6 per 1 module
 Cutting, cross, and end surface machining specifications(Cutting tool) 2
 Cutting, cross, and end surface machining specifications(Cross drilling) 2
 Cutting, cross, and end surface machining specifications(End surface drilling tool) 2
 Maximum machining specification 9 per 1 module
 Maximum machining specification(Cutting tool) 4
 Maximum machining specification(Cross drilling) 1
 Maximum machining specification(End surface drilling tool) 4
 Tool size byte □13mm
sleeve ø19.05mm, ø20mm
 Rapid feed rate X, Y, and Z axis 32m/min
A axis 40m/min
 Motors For spindle drive 2.2/3.7kW
For tool spindle drive(gang tool post) 0.75kW
For cutting coolant oil 0.18kW×3
 Input power capacity 16kVA
 Center height 1,000mm
 Machine Weight 3,600kg


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