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Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe

Miyano BNA42SY

SY type with improved performance as a bar-material processing machine The SY type has a dual-spindle/single turret tool post mechanical configuration, and the base and turret rigidity has been increased to improve basic functions. • A surface plate structure, a tradition of the Miyano brand, has been carried over for the bed, an essential element for machining, while both size and weight have been increased in order to improve damping performance.
• The turret tool post has been equipped with a Y axis to expand the number of installed tools to 12 stations in order to provide the use of a rich assortment of tools, as well as simultaneous left/right machining for superimposed machining and similar processes.
• The tool holder and rotary tools are the same used for the current BNA Series and the program compatibility is also ensured.

Machine Specifications


 Max. machining length 100mm
 Standard machining diameter (Chuck diameter) SP1 ø42mm
SP2 ø34mm
 Turret slide travel distance X axis 140mm
Z axis 285mm
Y axis 70 (±35)mm
 Back spindle slide travel distance B (Z2) axis 360mm
 Number of spindles 2
 Spindle speed SP1 60 - 6,000min-1
SP2 50 - 5,000min-1
 Collet chuck size SP1 5"
SP2 4"
 Number of tool posts 1
 Type of tool post 12 ST.
 Dimensions of tools used □20mm
 Dimensions of tool post holes ø25mm
 Number of installed rotary tools Max.12
 Rotating speed of rotary tools 50 - 5,000min-1
 Rapid feed rate X axis 20m/min
Z axis 20m/min
Y axis 12m/min
B (Z2) axis 20m/min
 Spindle motor SP1 11/7.5/5.5kW(15%/15min/cont.)
SP2 5.5/3.7kW(15min/cont.)
 Rotary tools motor 2.8/1.0kW
 Power supply capacity 26kVA
 Machine height 1,745mm
 Required floor surface area W2,350 × D1,433mm
 Machine weight 3,880kg


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