CITIZEN MACHINERY ASIA Company organized the event “CINCOM MIYANO PRIVATE SHOW 2023” with a total of 12 machine models from the Cincom Miyano brand as well as joining forces with more than 20 leading brands of cutting tool manufacturers to organize an exhibition of machinery and technology for the automatic lathe industry. At the new showroom in the ASEAN region Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Thailand

On August 24-25, 2023, Citizen Machinery Asia held a grand CNC Automatic Lathe exhibition. At the event many specialized technologies were displayed. The important highlights of the event are Automation system display that can be used in conjunction with machines that are equipped with LFV technology to increase machine performance to be a recommended solution for customers as well.

The objective of this event is to make a trust and good relationships with the customers. This machinery exhibition was held in the new showroom. To express the potential and readiness to support sales and provide excellent service to the customers.

The concept of this year’s event is “The Most Efficiency of Automation X LFV. Production efficiency with the most advanced automation system combined with LFV technology.

In the morning, event started with a seminar with a total of 4 topics. The first topic was “The Most Efficiency of Automation X LFV” regarding the maximum efficiency achieved by working on machines with LFV and automation systems that Yamada showcased, Unmanned production of complex shaped parts from Yamada, the third and fourth topics from NTK and KYOCERA in the topics of “TMV Chip Breaker for LFV” and “Appropriate KYOCERA tools for LFV” which talk about Inserts specifically designed for machining with LFV technology.

In the afternoon, the customers visited a demonstration of 12 models of machines on display in the Showroom area. There was also a demonstration of Automation systems, automatic work piece feeding and Robotics, as well as an exhibition of cutting tool technology. 20 brands at the event, the customers can talk and consult with technicians directly.

We are open to visit the production line of Cincom machines that are produced in Thailand, a total of 6 models, including A20, L12, L20, L32, B12 and model R0104, which began production in the middle of last year.

Throughout the two-day event, there were more than 200 customers interested in attending the event. The company would like to thank the customers for their trust and confidence as well as their continued support. And hope that the customers who come to the event will gain knowledge and new technology to apply in the production process for maximum efficiency.

In this regard, the executives and CITIZEN MACHINERY ASIA Company would like to assure you that We will maintain quality control standards in the production of CNC Automatic Lathe machines in order to continue delivering excellent machines and services to customers.

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