Award & Certificated

The company , We are implement Quality System to control at manufacturing procress for produce CNC lathe products and to continue Present , We are got ISO9001 : 2015 certificated from SGS Effective date : 1 October 2017. Unit 1 October 2020 and remains valid Subject to Satisfactory surveillance audits

We are implement Environment System to controlling The environment in both internal and external production process which Have will affect the environment and safety in a good environment area and control the effects of external and surrounding communities and in accordance with under the environment laws We are got ISO14001 :2015 Certificated From SGS Effective date : 28 March 17 Unit 28 March 2020 and remains valid Subject to Satisfactory Surveillance audits.

Our company has volumtarily joined the green industry CSR-DIW since 2013 to now, we have received the green industry Certificated. Level 4 and our company is open to government and private agencies To visit this project which, We are received CSR-DIN (Green Industry Level 4) Certificated on. 15 September 2016 unit 14 September 2019

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