Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Citizen Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd of CNC Auto lathe machine producer eco-friendly 100% because, The material take assembly CNC Auto lathe machine without substances prohibited and legal environment ISO14001 and following the law of domestic and foreign customers and Citizen Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd to carry out business under the provisions Citizen Group that create and promote products and services that express the commitment to the environment and the environment by recognizing the importance of environment protection and volunteering and caring for the environment social responsibility to conduct CSR activities inside and outside organization to girder Key stateholders and acknowledge the problems that led to the plan to improve sufficiency.

CMA Project green industrial activities CSR-DIW
Citizen Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd to implement project green industrial activities CSR-DIW since in year 2013 until present.We able achieve target and get award green industrial level 4 (Green culture) and continue to pursue the green industry level 5

CMA project governance in Phra NaKhon Si Ayutthaya
Citizen Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd to implement project governance in Phra Na Khon Si Ayutthaya , We able achieve target and award governance and safety revealed and friendly to the surrounding community and legal action strictly

CMA project governance in Phra NaKhon Si Ayutthaya
Community and Social Participation Activities Company engage with the community and society with located in the vicinity of company. The company entered into dialogue with the community and environment and safety education to community waste disposal and energy , safety , etc. We are participate in major cultural events every year.

Company Activity & Relationship of Citizen Group in Thailand Company Activities and strengthen relation of affiliates activities mangrove planting activities, food for the disables activities etc. And strengthen relation of affiliates in Thailand every year.

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