CITIZEN MACHINERY ASIA CO.,LTD is subsidary of CITIZEN MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Was established on June 19, 2001 with a registered capital of 36 million bath. We are the producer and service provider of computer numerically controlled (CNC) automated lathe which is well known as Cincom brand and Miyano brand. Our products have been distributed to customers around the world. The first machine series which was produced and offered to our customers is Cincom B12 in 2001.

We are dedicated to customer requirement support with high level of service excellence and high product quality. To get customer trust in every production process we put an effort to control and manage our production strictly and systematically. So we are certified ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.


CMA Establishment

First shipment of Cincom Model B12


1,000 Machine shipped.


Start operating at factory phase 3


2,000 Machine celebration


Start operating at factory phase 4 / 4,000 Machine celebration


Start operating at factory phase 5


Start operating at phase 6 / 10,000 Machine celebration


Start operating at factory phase 7 / 15,000 Machine celebration.


CMA be able to produce machine 5 models

K1216E , L220E , L32 , L12 , A320


20,000 Machine shipped.

we are shipping mainly low- and medium-priced products to sales bases around the world, and we have achieved cumulative shipments of 20,000 NC automatic lathes.


New showroom

Citizen Machinery Asia held an opening ceremony for a new showroom. In order to expand sales in the ASEAN and South Asia regions.

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