April 11, 2023




Thai Metalex 2022 returned to exhibit again after no exhibition for 2 years. On Nov 16-19 2022, it’s been taken place under the concept of “ASEAN COMMUNITY CONNECTOR “This year has the exhibitors more than 2,500 brands and visitor 86,011 persons for whole 4 days of exhibition.

Citizen Machinery Asia Co., Ltd. joined the exhibition in the area of 50 sqm. (2.5m. x 20m.) together with Yamazen Thailand booth. We brought the machine to display for 4 models as.

1. A20-3F7 Tooling Extended Layout (U35B)
2. L12-1M7
3. BNJ51SY6
4. GN3200

This year we tried to promote LFV technology that is the particular technology of Citizen by using with A20 and L12 machine. These can operate with the complex material such as SS304 and aluminum. In the various process of cutting, it might cause the tie of chips problem. As following, we’d like to let the customers see the difference between cutting process by using LFV technology and without LFV. Therefore, we brought the actual chips to display this time.

For the exhibition, we saw many customers that don’t know the LFV technology. This made us want to improve the way to communicate LFV technology in the ASEAN market. Moreover, the other solutions of Citizen also have been displayed there as

1. Automatic Measuring Device in-Machine on L12 with probe of Metrol
2. Operation monitoring system function: with Fanuc MT-Link-I and Machining solution such as hobbing spindle for gear machining, 4X time spindle and NMB-Wavy Nozzle
3. After sales service, ACADEMY for training our customers both of old and new to learn how to operate the machine.
4. Alkart Solution , making the customers study and learn about the CNC machine by themselves via DVD. This year we also have DAIYAC and ESPRIT CAM software joined together to display their products in our booth

For 4 days of exhibition, there are many customers come to visit Citizen booth both of Thais and foreigners all the day. This year, we met the Vietnamese and Indian customers more than the other countries. When comparing with our competitors, the customers are interested in our products more. Especially the solutions that we bring as mentioned. As per talking to the customers and visitors, they were looking for the new solutions of operation process for enhance the efficient production.

The exhibition made us feel that the customers really trust in us. They brought their sample work pieces to consult with our engineer team, talking about the causes of problem, machine problems, how to skill up their staffs, the future solutions. The customers also wanted to install the LFV technology on their existing machines for problems solving.

As a result of this year’s exhibition, we truly know that the market now is still investing and machines are continuously needed. Moreover, the investors are ready to purchase and install the machine within short time. This is the information that we will communicate to CMA for finding the best way to respond this requirements in time.

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