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Privacy Policy on the Internet

Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. is aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of the personally identifiable information and has established the “Privacy Policy”. Please read the “Privacy Policy” if you prove your personal information on this website.
Your access record is stored on our web server solely for the purpose of, and not for any purpose other than, the analysis of access record.

Privacy Policy


Our web site will send a “cookie,” a small summary file, to your computer. This allows us to recognize your computer the next time you visit, without bothering you with another request to register. Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.’s cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. If you do not wish to receive cookies please refer to your Internet Browser to learn how to block all cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Please remind that service may not be available due to the rejection of cookies. To learn more about cookies we encourage you to visit


Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. will neither represent nor warrant the appropriateness or accuracy of the contents on this website and will not take any liability.
The contents or URL on this website may be changed or deleted without advance notice.
It is strictly prohibited to change, modify or overwrite the contents on this website.


Linking to this website is basically free, however, linking may be refused subject to the contents of the linked site or the manner of linking.

Citizen’s Unsolicited Ideas Submission Policy

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. and each of its subsidiaries (together, “Citizen”) actively carries out our own continuous research and development of advertising campaigns, promotions, new or improved products and technologies, product enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans, and new product names.

Citizen appreciates receiving comments regarding Citizen’s existing products and services. However, as a matter of policy, Citizen and/or any of Citizen’s employees do NOT accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, new promotions, proposals for new or improved products or technologies, product enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans, or new product names. Please do NOT submit any unsolicited ideas, original creative artwork, suggestions, other works, or notices of published or unpublished patent applications (“Submissions”) in any form to Citizen or any of its employees.

The sole purpose of this Policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when Citizen’s products or strategies might seem similar to ideas submitted to Citizen. What you intended to submit may have already been considered by Citizen, be under development, in preparation for patent and/or other intellectual property protection, in production or in consideration for production, or the subject of some other action by Citizen.

If, despite our request that you do NOT send us your Submission, you still submit it, then regardless of what your letter, e-mail, or other form of communication says, the following terms shall apply: You agree that by sending Citizen any information or material: (1) your Submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Citizen, without any compensation to you; (2) Citizen may use, redistribute, reproduce, perform, modify, transmit and distribute the Submission and its contents for any purpose and in any way; (3) there is no obligation for Citizen to review the Submission; (4) there is no obligation to return your Submission and/or its contents to you or to respond to you in any way; (5) there is no obligation to keep any Submission confidential and you have no expectation of confidentiality; (6) you disclaim any confidential relationship with Citizen; and (7) there is no fiduciary or any other kind of duty owed by Citizen to you.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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