Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe

Cincom L12X

Introducing Citizen’s newest development, the L12X with Y2 axis for even higher functionality

Y2 axisType X to the back spindle strengthens back machining. This increases the degree of freedom for process allocation, and increases the maximum number of tools that can be installed to 38.

  • The wide variety of tooling layouts available, such as “adjustable angle end-face spindle” that allows for slanted hole drilling, enable you to perform various kinds of machining.
  • Additionally, adoption of a built-in motor for the back spindle drive enables a maximum speed of 12,000 min-1.
  • Citizen Machinery’s patented swarf control technology, LFV. Three vibration mode (mode1, mode2, mode3) are currently available.

Machine Specifications

Max. machining diameter (D)12mm Dia.
Max. machining length (L)GB135mm/1chucking
Max. front drilling diameter8mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameter for the front spindleM6
Spindle through-hole diameter20mm Dia.
Main spindle speedGBMax.15,000min-1
Max. chuck diameter for the back spindle12mm Dia.
Max. protrusion length80mm
Max protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece30mm
Max. drilling diameter for the back spindle8mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameter for the back spindleM6
Back spindle speedMax.12,000min-1
Gang rotary toolsMax. drilling diameter5mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameterM4
Main spindle speedMax.10,000min-1
Back rotary toolsMax. drilling diameter5mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameterM4
Main spindle speedMax.9,000min-1
Number of tools to be mountedMax.38
Gang tool post7
Gang rotary tools6 to 17
Front drillsStandard:2, Max.:11
Back drills8(17)
Tool sizeTurning tool10mm Sq., 12mm Sq. OPT
Sleeve19.05mm Dia.
Rapid feed rateAll axes35m/min
MotorsFront spindle drive2.2/3.7kW
Gang tool post rotary tool drive0.75kW
Back spindle drive0.75/1.5kW
Back tool post rotary tool drive OP0.5kW
Rated power consumption6.6kVA
Load operation average power3.6kVA
Full-load current22A
Main breaker capacity40A
Pneumatic unitRequired pressure0.5MPa
Required flowrate55NL/min (Stationary)
Machine main unit dimensionsW1,840 × D970 × H1,710mm
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