Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe

Cincom L20

  • It realizes optimum specification for each work through the introduction of modular design. Flexibly corresponds to complex machining from simple machining
  • It adopts horizontal tool layout that is one of features of L series to realize wide range of machining with variety of tools
  • An optional B-axis tooling with ATC (automatic tool changer) can be equipped to the gang rotary turret. This device is not only perfect for machining medical components and other complex parts, it also supports a wide array of machining with a diverse assortment of tool variations.(L20XII ATC)

Machine Specifications

Maximum machining diameter20mm Dia.
Maximum machining lengthGB machine200mm/1chuck
GBL machineWorkpiece diameter×2.5mm/chuck
Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle10mm Dia.
Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle(tap,die)M8
Main Spindle through-hole diameter26mm Dia.
Spindle speedMax.10,000min-1
Maximum drilling diameter for gang rotary tool8mm Dia.
Maximum tapping diameter for gang rotary toolM6
Gang rotary tool spindle speedMax.6,000min-1
Rotary tool spindle speed of the opposed tool post Note1-5mm Dia.(OP)
Maximum tapping diameter for rotary tool of the opposed tool post Note1-M4(OP)
Rotary tool spindle speed of the opposed tool post Note1-Max.7,500min-1(OP)
Maximum drilling diameter for back tool post rotary tool Note Note25mm Dia.(OP)5mm Dia.
Maximum tapping diameter for back tool post rotary tool Note2M4(OP)M4
Rotary tool spindle speed of back tool post Note2Max.7,500min-1(OP)Max.7,500min-1
Maximum chuck diameter of back spindle20mm Dia.
Maximum protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece30mm
Maximum drilling diameter in back machining process8mm Dia.
Maximum tapping diameter in back machining processM6
Back spindle speedMax.8,000min-1
Number of tools to be mountedMax.37Max.33Max.44Max.40
Tool sizeTurning tool12mm Sq. (13mm Sq., 16mm Sq.)
Sleeve25mm Dia. (GDS107,210)19.05mm Dia.
Rapid feed rateAll axis(except Y2 axis)32m/min
Y2 axis-8m/min
MotorsFor spindle drive2.2/3.7kW
For tool spindle drive(gang tool post)1.0kW
For rotary tool drive of Back tool post Note20.75kW(OP)0.75kW
for rotary tool drive of the opposed tool post Note1-0.75kW(OP)
For back spindle drive0.75/1.5kW
For cutting coolant oil0.4kW
Rated power consumption7.3kVA
Load operation average power3.8kVA
Center height1,050mm

Note 1:As for opposed rotary tool, it is not available in VIII and IX types, while it is available as an option in X and XII types.

Note 2:As for back rotary tool, it is available as an option in VIII and IX types, while it is set as a standard feature in X and XII types

ATC deviceL20XII ATC
Max. ATC tooling rotations12,000min-1
Motor output2.2kW
Tool holder typeJBS-15T
No. of B-axis tools13
Number of tools mountable on main unitMax.34
Tool changing time (chip to chip)4.0 sec
Maximum outer diameter of tools30mm Dia.
Maximum grip diameter10mm Dia. (ER16)
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