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Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe

Miyano ABX51/64SYY

  • Both 2 turrets with the Y-axis function means flexible tooling without any concern for processing balance restrictions
  • Up to 24 high-rigidity, high-torque(40 Nm) revolving tool stations

Machine Specifications

Machining Capacity and Chuck SystemMaximum Machining Diameter of Bar WorkSP1/SP251mm Dia./51mm Dia.64mm Dia./51mm Dia.
Collet ChuckSP1/SP2Stationary
Power ChuckSP1/SP26"/6" hydraulic drive
Standard Turning Length125mm
SpindleSpindle NoseSP1/SP2A2-6/A2-6A2-8/A2-6
Spindle motor(30min./Cont.)SP115/11kW
Spindle Speed RangeSP150 - 5,000min-140 - 4,000min-1
SP250 - 5,000min-1
Turrets(Upper L/R Turrets & Lower Turret)Type of Turret12St.Turret
Shank Height of Square Turning Tool20mm Sq.
Diameter of Drill Shank40mm Dia. , 20mm Dia. , 25mm Dia.
Slide StrokeX1, X2 axis190mm
Z1/Z2 axis550mm/721mm
Y1, Y2 axis±40mm
Zs axis756mm
Rapid Traverse RateX1, X2 axis16m/min
Z1/Z2 axis30/20m/min
Y1, Y2 axis12m/min
Zs axis30m/min
Revolving Tools(Option)Maximum Number of Revolving Tools24
Rotation speed of revolving tools60 - 6,000min-1
Rivolving Tool MotorAC Servo 4.5kW
Machine DimensionsMachine Height2,222mm
Floor Space3,290×2,204mm
Machine Weight10,750kg10,900kg
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