Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe

Miyano BNA42CY

CY type enables use as a chucker machine

The CY type was developed under the concept of “Bar and Chucker”.The simple structure of one spindle for one turret tool post can not only perform bar material machining, but you can also combine options such as power chucks or a chip conveyor with rear discharge together with supply/discharge units, such as a gantry loader manufactured by another company, in order to incorporate the CY type into a production line as a chucker machine.

  • The newly designed base increases the weight of the unit while also improving rigidity.
  • Standard equipment includes mounting eyes for the legs of the gantry loader, a loader hand insertion space above the spindles, and a loader interface.
  • This chip conveyor allows for rear discharge in addition to the current side discharge.

Machine Specifications

Max. machining length200mm
Standard machining diameter42mm Dia.
Number of spindles1
Spindle Speed60 - 6,000min-1
Collet chuck typeHardinge S20、DIN173E、B&S#22、JPN34、HAINBUSH
Power chuck type5" and 6" hollow chucks
Number of tool posts1
Type of tool post12st.Turret
Dimensions of tools used20mm Sq.
Dimensions of tool post holes25mm Dia.
Number of installed rotary toolsMax.12
Rotating speed of rotary tools50 - 5,000min-1
Feed rateX axis20m/min
Z axis20m/min
Y axis23m/min
Spindle motor11/7.5/5.5kW(15%/15min/cont.)
Rotary tools motor2.8/1.0kW
Rated power consumption16kVA
Machine Height1,745mm
Required floor surface areaW2,260×D1,433mm
Machine Weight3,220kg
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