Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe

Miyano BNE51MYY

Two 12-station turrets provide even more flexible tooling due to optimal process allocation that is not restricted by machining balance limitations.

The two turrets equipped with a Y axis, and mechanical structure formed from the front and back spindles serve to reduce cycle times by enabling high-efficiency machining such as simultaneous left/right and up/down machining for superimposed and similar types of machining.

  • These new models have inherited the slide structure of the BNE that makes it easy to clean away chips.
  • Rectangular lapped slides have been adopted for all slides except for the X3 axis.
  • A new HMI (Human Machine Interface)-equipped operating panel with a 15-inch touch panel has been adopted to improve machine operability for workers.

Machine Specifications

Max. machining length195mm
Standard machining diameter51mm Dia.
Number of spindles2
Spindle speed5,000min-1
Collet chuck typeHardinge S22, DIN177E, HAINBUSH 51
Power chuck type6" 3-claw chuck, 6" 2-claw chuck
Number of tool posts2
Type of tool post12st.Turret
Dimensions of tools used20mm Sq.
Dimensions of tool post holes25mm Dia.
Number of installed rotary toolsMax.24
Rotating speed of rotary tools6,000min-1
Feed rateX1,Z1,X3,Z3 axis20m/min
X2,Z2 axis18m/min
Y1,Y2 axis12m/min
Spindle motorSP118.5/15kW(30min/cont.)
Rotary tools motor4.0kW
Rated power consumption47kVA
Machine Height2,070mm
Required floor surface areaW2,860×D2,190mm
Machine Weight8,080kg
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