METALEX 2023 “The Innovators”

METALEX 2023 at BITEC BANGNA, THAILAND on Nov.22nd – 25th with the concept of “The Innovators” for all 4 days. There were over 98,000 visitors and exhibitors in 7 pavilion who brought their own machinery and technology to exhibit. As for the exhibition area, we held a joint space with Yamazen dealer, in area of 50 sqm. (20×2.5M) and exhibited 4 models of machines: A20, L12, R04, BNA-42SY6 LFV with 3 concepts:

  1. New model
  2. Market demand trends and
  3. Technology trends in detailed as follows.

New Model: BNA-42SY6 LFV and R504

both of these models are new in Thailand. Center-lathe with 2 spindles type was a greater demand. So, this year we presented the aluminum workpiece and finished parts in both OD and ID with small chips to present the performance of LFV. In the R-series presented the watch components that had a Machining process, Drilling process and Tapping (S0.9)

Market demand trends: Machine that produced workpieces with small sizes (lower than dia32mm.).Machine structure with 2-spindle and milling tool to produce Pre-form workpieces for reducing manpower in the production process.
We and Yamazen had many the experiences on this field and our machines had been sold a lot. Therefore, we would like to exhibit an additional solution regarding Un-load, In-line inspection and part storage, which was a solution that many customers were looking for. Thus, we brought the popular model A20 to connect with the equipment as mentioned above by turning aluminum workpieces to showing performance of LFV that has high-productivity when connected with an automation system.

Technology trend: IIoT and FA trends attracted more attention from the customers but some of our technology products cannot bring to sell in ASEAN. Therefore, we work with our partners to exhibit those solutions. This year, we still present OEE product of Fanuc MT-Link-I and Automatic Measuring Device on L12. FA system, we took the robotics system that support from Yamada Machine tool, Loader system with Bowl feeder from a local supplier that exhibit with the A20-chucker.

As mentioned for all, we brought the Total solution to present to the customers. To be a guideline for production in the current trend, which attracted the attention from many customers in the A20-chucker machine including competitors in the same industry. Another important part, we exhibited “Sustainability management” that our company gives the importance to. and continue to operate. Same zone exhibit Alkapplysolution product as well.

This year, we saw an upward trend of FA system such as the Cart-Robot that coming to present from machine tool builders. Importance factor the labor costs in Thailand will increase after the election was over. We found that the customers were interested and come to discuss about the FA such as In-line inspection, Part storage system and On-machine measuring system. BLUM has exhibit area and display BNA-42DHY. Attention of LFV increasing and enquiry about what difference from other makers and concerns the life time of machines shortened.

Overall, the event still has a large number of visitors. Most were old customers still come to visit, update and discuss about new technology on Sliding head machines. Also it was found that the total number of inquiries received, it decreased from last year by 23% for the same customers only.

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