Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe

Cincom L20XIIB5

Cincom’s best-selling L series machines have been relaunched with exciting new functions.

The L20XIIB5 finally enables simultaneous 5-axis control, greatly expanding the machining range of CNC automatic lathes. Improved basic performance, along with great advances in ease of use.

  • The latest NC unit is installed. This enables simultaneous 5-axis control, and machining of contoured surfaces with highly flexible tool movements.
  • B-axis tools expand the machining range for the front spindle to 110°. This allows more complex machining with higher accuracy.
  • A15-inch touch panel is adopted, and the new HMI (Human Machine Interface) enables intuitive operation.
  • The cutting room door is a flip-up type with a built-in damper, and provides a wide opening for good operating convenience.The larger window also improves visibility when the door is closed.
  • Motor-driven knock-out devices, loaders/unloaders, ATC units, servo-driven chucking devices, etc., are available. Peripheral units with greater ease of use support factory automation.

Machine Specifications

Max.machining diameter20mm Dia.(25mm Dia.OP.)
Max.machining lengthGB 20mm Dia.spec.200mm per chucking
GB 25mm Dia. spec.188mm per chucking
GBLMax.50mm per chucking (GBL)
Max.front drilling diameter10mm Dia.
Max.front tapping diameterM8 (cutting tap)
Spindle through-hole diameter26.4mm Dia.
Spindle speedMax10,000min-1
Max.taking-out length of the product130mm
Max.drilling diameter in back machining8mm Dia.
Max.tapping diameter in back machiningM8
Back spindle speedMax.10,000min-1
Rotary tools on the gang tool postMaximum drilling diameter8mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameterM6 (cutting tap)
Spindle speedMax.9,000min-1(rated speed: 9,000min-1)
Rotary tools on the opposite tool post*Maximum drilling diameter5mm Dia.
Max.tapping diameterM4 (cutting tap)
Spindle speedMax.7,500min-1(rated speed: 6,000min-1)
Back rotary toolMaximum drilling diameter5mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameterM4 (cutting tap)
Spindle speedMax.7,500min-1(rated speed: 6,000min-1)
Number of mountable toolsMax.41
Turning tools on the gang tool post6
Rotary tools on the gang tool post21
Front drilling tools6
Back drilling tools8
Tool sizeTurning tools12 mm Sq. (13mm Sq., 16mm Sq.)
Sleeve19.05mm Dia.
Rapid traverse rateX1,Y1,Z1,X2,Z2 axis32m/min
Y2 axis8m/min
MotorFor front spindle drive2.2/3.7/5.5kW (continuous/15 minute/10%ED ratings)
For back spindle drive1.5/2.2/3.7kW (continuous/40%ED/10%ED ratings)
Rated power consumption8.3kVA
Load operation average power4.5kVA
Machine body dimensionsW2,222 × D1,265 × H1,835mm
Machine weight2,680kg

*Rotary tools on the opposite tool post are optional.

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