Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe

Cincom M32

Ultimate Gang + Turret: The M32 is reborn

Structural analysis was performed to achieve a highly rigid design that provides an optimal balance between strength and weight to greatly improve the rigidity required during machining.

  • Adoption of newly designed cover to provide workability, as well as a new HMI operating panel for the new NC unit and touch panel provides improved operability and productivity.
  • The turret tooling has been completely redesigned with a conversion to single-drive for rotary tools and strengthening of the rotary tools motor.
  • The gang tool post has been equipped with a programmable B axis (45° backside and 105° front side) type VIII. The back tool post has been equipped with three-tool adjustable angle spindles type VII and VIII to provide even more complex machining.
  • Compatible with LFV Modes 1, 2 and 3 (optional), this model alleviates chip-related issues not only when processing linear surfaces, but also in a wide range of other situations such as tapered, circular, drilling, and internal threading processing.

Machine Specifications

Max. machining diameter (D)32mm Dia. (38mm Dia. OP)
Max. machining length (L)320mm/1chucking
Max. front drilling diameter12mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameter for the front spindleM12 (Cutting tap)
Main spindle speedMax8,000min-1
Max. chuck diameter for the back spindle32mm Dia. (38mm Dia. OP)
Max. drilling diameter for the back spindle12mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameter for the back spindleM12 (Cutting tap)
Max. length of the back spindle workpiece145mm (Standard recovery unit)
Back spindle speedMax.8,000min-1
Gang rotary toolsMax. drilling diameter8mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameterM8 (Cutting tap)
Main spindle speedMax.9,000min-1
Turret rotary toolsMax. drilling diameter12mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameterM12 (Cutting tap)
Main spindle speedMax.6,000min-1
Back rotary toolsMax. drilling diameter8mm Dia.
Max. tapping diameterM6 (Cutting tap)
Main spindle speedMax.6,000min-1
Number of toolsMax.25 to 27 +α23 to 31 +α30 to 36 +α
Turning tools5
Cross drills5 to 78(including 4 B-axis drills)
Gang tool post backside drills4(including 4 B-axis drills)
Number of turret stations10
Back tool post drills5Max.9
Tool sizeTurning tool16mm Sq.
Sleeve diameter25.4mm Dia.
Rapid feed rateX1,Y1,Z1,Z2,X3,Z332m/min
MotorsFront spindle drive5.5/7.5kW
Back spindle drive5.5/7.5kW
Gang rotary tool drive2.2kW
Turret rotary tool drive2.2kW
Back rotary tool drive1.0kW
Pneumatic unit: Required pressure and required flowrate0.5MPa at 110NL/min (When stationary)
Machine main unit dimensionsW2,860 × D1,465 × H1,900mm
Rated power consumption24kVA25kVA
Load operation average power13.1kVA
Full-load current79A
Main breaker capacity100A
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